Ghost Rider Travels on the Healing Road: A book review by David Donaghe

Before I get in to the book review let me tell you what has been going on with me. It’s been a while since my last post. During the moth of June I took another cross country motorcycle trip. I traveled from Barstow California to Laughlin Nevada, hooked up with some of my brothers from the motorcycle club and we headed east the next day. Most of the trip was uneventful for the most part with only a few minor issues of the road. When we reached the Mississippi river, we headed south to Tupelo due to the bridge on the forty being closed. At Tupelo the home of Elvis Presley we took some pictures by his statue in the park. From Tupelo we made our way to Nashville. We hung out at Nashville for a couple of days. Outside of Nashville, a couple of my buddies and I went to Sam Davis Home, an old plantation house from the 1800s. The tour was way cool. After we left Nashville we headed down to Alabama and partied with our brothers. I stayed there about five days and then headed north on my own. I headed up to New Hampshire to visit my daughter and grandkids. On the way up there, I took a few scenic rides and had a good time. I visited with my daughter and grandkids for about a week, we went to Laconia Bike Week and I spent father’s day with them. The next day I headed for home. Along the way, I got rained on, met some cool people and broke down in Arkansas. After being stuck in Conway Arkansas for three days, and putting 5,600 miles on the bike, I had to rent a U-Hall truck and trailer to get home. Since I got back I am getting back into the grove and trying to catch up on things. Before I left I was starting to edit the fourth book in my Space Corps Chronicles science fiction series when I hit the wrong key and the entire manuscript went to digital heaven, so I am starting over on that. That’s about it with what’s going on with me.

Ghost Rider Travels on the Healing Road by Neil Peart a true story by the former drummer of the band Rush. After he lost his daughter Selena in a car accident and his wife Jackie to cancer, all within a ten month period, Neil was overwhelmed with sadness and grief. His way to heal the hole in his heart was to hit the road. He traveled across Canada, the United States and Mexico on his BMW motorcycle. He didn’t stop until he reached Belize. In the book he tells the story of his hardships on the road and how he dealt with his grief. I recommend this book to anyone who is grieving. I could relate to it because I have experienced something similar. I am the lone survivor of my immediate family. My mother and father as well as my two brothers have passed away and I remain. When my brother Bill died in a motorcycle crash, it left a deep hole in my heart. It was through riding my motorcycle and joining the motorcycle club that I belong to that I began to heal. Riding my motorcycle brings me peace. So go out an by Neil’s book. Its a great read.

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Should Have Known by Matthew Harms.

I finished reading Should Have Known by Matthew Harms a few days ago. It was the kind of book that I couldn’t put down. In fact I stayed up late when I reached the end, just to finish it because I had to know how it ended. Should have know is a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing and turning the page. After I finished reading it, as I lay in bed I thought about the story for about a half hour before dropping off to sleep, and yes Matt. You need to write a sequel. In full discloser, I met Matt online when he contacted me on Twitter and asked me to be a guest on his Podcast. If you have not checked out Matthew’s podcast on YouTube, you are missing out. Matt also does ghost writing and author coaching at Pen for Hire. Below is the book’s description on Amazon.

Jason Carpenter and Richard Colt are childhood friends estranged by events that set them on two very different paths. While one climbed the ranks of a Fortune 500 company this is more than meets the eye, the other fell in with a mercurial crime boss intent on growing his empire at all costs. Years go by before the hand of fate thrusts them back into each other’s lives, and putting them to the ultimate test. Jason, once the rock of their relationship, suffers a terrible tragedy at the hands of a fanatical serial killer and Richard mush rise up from his self-made prison to keep his friend from slipping further into madness. They must find a way to face the combined adversity of their own situations while enduring scrutiny from both the police and a career newsman with his own version of events to tell. It will be the hardest test of their friendship to not give into the demons that plague them from within and without. When all the cards are on the table each one will feel like they should have known. . .

In my opinion, this was a great book and you should consider reading it.

If you have Kindle Unlimited you can read the book for free or buy it on Amazon for $2.99

Amazon wouldn’t let me review this book after I read it because they have a policy that you must have purchased at least fifty dollars worth of merchandise at Amazon before you are eligible to post a review. Personally, I think this is a bad policy that hurts authors. If I would have been able to review it on Amazon I would have gave it five stars. So if you are looking for a good book read Should Have Known, or if you are looking for a ghost writer, someone to write your screen play, maybe some author coaching or you are an new author and want to get some exposure, contact Matt and sign up to be a guest on his podcast.

I am currently reading Ghost Rider, Travels on the Healing Road by Neil Peart. When I am finished I will let you know what I think. Until then stay safe and keep reading.

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Happy Easter!

I would like to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend. I have been busy editing a lot of my work and I am getting ready to take another long distance motorcycle trip coming up at the end of May and for the most of June. For the Easter weekend all of my books at will either be free or over fifty percent off, so check out the link below. I hope everyone has a great weekend.
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My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure part VI Homeward Bound.

When I left my Nephew’s house in Silver City new Mexico, he rode with me for a ways. We headed up highway 180 which would take me up into the mountains. I wanted to go that way, rather than heading west on the I 10 to avoid the summer heat. He rode with me for about ten or fifteen miles, then we pulled off onto a side road lined with trees and parked the motorcycles. He smoked a cigarette and I smoke a cigar. We shot the shit for a while then said our good-byes. He headed home and I headed north on the 180. The 180 took me through some scenic areas, the weather was good, except for a little bit of rain. I stopped at a sporting goods store that my nephew told me about and looked at their wide selection of guns and other manly things and then had lunch. The only memorable thing that happened was when a woman in a truck turned left in front of me. Luckily I wasn’t going too fast, so I avoided a collision. It got my heart rate going and I did say a few cuss words but that was the extent of it. I descended the mountains and headed across some rolling hills and grass land. By this time it was starting to get hot again. It seemed like I could see forever. The scenery was good and I was enjoying the ride. I passed by the Petrified Forest and then cut over to Holbrook Arizona. By this time it was blazing hot, so I pulled into a Derry Queen, had a burger and a milkshake and then hit the I 40 freeway and headed west. I wasn’t in a big hurry to get home so I stopped in Flagstaff, pulled off onto the old route 66 and rented a hotel room for the night

I had dinner in the hotel restaurant and the food was good After that I went up to my room, put on my Tucumcari bathing suit and went down to the hotel’s in door pool and hot tub. When I got down there I went into the pool for a dip. There was a family there with their kids. After taking a dip in the pool, I went over to the spa and sat down in the hot bubbling water. Across from me in the hot tub sat a young pretty collage aged woman, and believe me she knew how to fill out a bathing suit. We had a pleasant conversation. She told me that her name was Sam and that she and her boyfriend were on vacation and that she lived in Kansas. She said that they were going up to see Brice Canyon in Utah. I told her about my trip and carrying the chopper across the country to deliver to my Grand Son. She thought that was cool. I enjoyed our conversation but she decided to call it quits and headed up to her room. I stayed in the hot tub for a little while longer and then called it a night. Later, after I was home from my trip I used this incident in one of my novels, only the main character took things a little further that what we did.

The next morning after breakfast, I loaded up the bike. The young woman from the hot tub came out of her room to put some stuff in her car. She smiled and told me to be safe and I bid her farewell. I never did see the boyfriend. I got back on the I 40 heading west. The wind was blowing hard and I fought the wind all way home. After coming down the mountain I crossed the Colorado River and entered the state of California. Now I had to deal with the heat as well as the wind, but I was getting close to home. I stopped in Ludlow to take one final break and cool down. I only had fifty miles to go. From Ludlow to Barstow, the wind was brutal but I arrived safely. I was running on fumes when I hit town, so I filled up the tank and then headed home. I pulled into my driveway about five minutes later. I had been on the road for a moth to the day and had put almost seven thousand miles on the bike. I went into the house to greet my wife and dogs and it felt good to be home. It was a rough trip, but I enjoyed it. I saw things and did things that I would remember forever. Some might ask if I would do it again? the answer is yes. In fact I plan to go on another cross country trip again in June. I am heading back to Alabama, but this time when I leave Alabama I might cut over to Florida, head up through Georgia, South and North Carolina on my way up to New Hampshire to see my daughter and grandkids. I will probably stop at Gettysburg again on the way home. Maybe I’ll write about that trip as well. I hope you liked my tale. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. If you’d like to check out my books click on one of the links below. Sign up for my news letter or shoot me an email. Until the next time keep the rubber on the road and the shinny side up.

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My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure Part V The Ride Home-New Mexico.

After leaving Gettysburg I headed west on a two lane road. They say, “All roads lead to Gettysburg.” The town is set up like the hub of a wheel with several different roads branching off like the spokes of the wheel. The two lane road I left on took me to the 81 interstate and I headed south. For the first part of my trip the weather was good, but when I got down into Virginia that changed. I saw a massive storm ahead of me and the sky opened up. It was raining so hard that it was unsafe to be on the interstate so I took the first exit that I could find and wouldn’t you know it. I found myself at the exact same spot where I had to pull off on my way up north and took refuge under the awning of a hospital. There I was standing under the same awning watching it rain. I wondered if it just rained every day in this exact same spot. After standing there watching it rain for a while, the storm moved on. I smoked a cigar in the parking lot, climbed back onto the bike and continued south on the 81. At the end of the day, I pulled off the interstate for a break. I had wanted to make maybe fifty more miles that day, but I was tired and it was starting to rain again. I pulled into a cheap motel in the bad part of town, but there was a gas station and a place to eat nearby so I stopped for the night. After I checked into my room, I stepped outside for a smoke. There was a woman outside that was staying in the room next to mine. Sometimes your first impressions of someone is not exactly right. She looked like a tweaker. As I sat on the front porch to smoke we began to talk. She told me about her life. She was going through some hard times and trying to get into an apartment. I asked her if it was a safe place to stay and she said that on the side where my room was that it was okay. It was where people that were traveling through stayed. She said on the back side of the motel was where people lived their full time and that people like to party on that side. She said that she would keep an eye out on my bike. I went off and headed down the street to a pizza place and had dinner and then went to the convenience store and gas station and bought some munchies and beer for the room. After having a beer and enjoying the munchies I watched some TV until bed time. I set my handgun on the nightstand next to my bed and then went to sleep.

The next morning I hit the highway heading south and crossed over the boarder into Tennessee. The weather was good that day. I had to deal with one major traffic tie up where a motorhome caught fire and then I got caught up in rush hour traffic in Knoxville, but I remembered the words of the chapter president of our motorcycle club the last time I went to the National Rally when it was in Alabama, and I kept my head on the swivel. On interstate 40 now I headed west and stopped for the night west of Knoxville. The weather continued to be good, so the next day I motored through Nashville and Memphis, crossed the Mississippi River and entered the state of Arkansas. I stayed the night in Arkansas and headed west the next day. As I passed through Arkansas and across the pan handle of Texas it started getting hot and windy. When I would stop for a break, I would slam a bottle of water, soak my long sleeved white tee shirt in water, then put it on under my vest. By the time I made another fifty miles down the road, my tee shirt would be dry. By the time I crossed into the state of New Mexico I was out of it. I was dehydrated, tied and sleepy. I got hit by a violent gust of wind that felt as if God had just picked up my bike and gave it a violent shake. That woke me up real quick. “Okay I’m awake!” I said and pushed on for another ten miles or so and pulled into the New Mexico welcome center. After drinking two bottles of water, I checked out the little museum, then soaked my shirt in water once more and headed west. I stopped in Tucumcari New Mexico for the night. It had been a long hard day.

Two year prior, I went on another trip. I rode with my club brothers to Alabama, then down to New Orleans and home. On that trip I also stayed at Tucumcari on the way home. I hadn’t brought a bathing suit and it was hot so I headed to a dollar store, bought a bathing suit and went swimming in the motel pool. On this trip, I brought my bathing suit, but I left it hanging in the bathroom of the first motel I stayed in by accident, so on this trip I once again went to the dollar store and bought a bathing suit so I could swim in the pool. This is my second, Tucumcari bathing suit. Back at the motel I went swimming, had my supper and then settled in for the night. The following morning after breakfast, I headed west. At Albuquerque I took the 25 freeway south. If you have ever been on the 25 in New Mexico you know that there are long stretches of desolate road between the cities and towns. It was blazing hot that day and I was starting to get dehydrated. It got so bad that I thought I was going to get heat stroke, so I pulled off the freeway, drank a half a bottle of water and then continued on. Luckily there was a gas station and restaurant about twenty miles down the road. I gassed up the bike, bought two bottles of water and asked the woman behind the counter if I could sit down in the restaurant and cool off for a little while. She said that I could so I drank my water, cooled off under the air conditioning and then headed south. At Hatch New Mexico, famous for their New Mexico Chilis, I headed west on a two lane highway and cut over to Deming New Mexico and then headed up into the mountains to Silver City to visit my nephew Matt and his family. I spent a few days there visiting with my nephew and other family members. We had a barbeque one day and they invited people over, me and Matt sat around a bon fire during the night and sat around the fire smoking and drinking and having a good time. I enjoyed my time there, but I needed to get home. I had been on the road for almost a month. The day I left Matt rode with me part way. To beat the heat, we headed north on the 180, which would head through the mountains. (Keep your eye out for part VI of my 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure: Homeward Bound.)

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My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Part IV The Ride Home: Gettysburg.

I said my good byes and left Salisbury New Hampshire heading west on a two lane highway. The weather was a bit chill, but it warmed up and there was no rain. I traveled down a windy road that wove its way through the forest. The scenery was beautiful as I passed through small towns and farms. I rode along the shore of a large lake for a while and crossed over a couple of rivers. I had to take a detour because they were doing some construction on a bridge that crossed a river. On the other side of the river was the state of Vermont. In Vermont I headed south on the 91 Interstate which took me down into Massachusetts and headed west. I passed through the state and entered the state of New York. I stopped for gas and had a shot conversation with a couple that also was from California. They lived in Rancho Cucamonga which is about seventy miles south of Barstow where I live. At the end of the day I stopped at a motel on the outskirts of a good sized town They charged me $129.00 for the room. I was thinking that this was kind of expensive and I mentioned it to another biker while I was having a beer in the motel bar. He said that it actually wasn’t because they were having a little league training camp in town and all the motels would be full or more expensive. I had dinner at a restaurant which in its former life was an old house, then bought some beer and munchies for the room and settled in for the night.

I woke up the following morning had breakfast and headed out. The weather was good. I headed west through the state of New York and then headed south into Pennsylvania. The roads in Pennsylvania sucked. They were full of potholes. I stopped at the welcome center and took a selfie underneath the Welcome to Pennsylvania sign. A lot of people that I know knew that I was in New Hampshire and the accident in the northern part of the state where seven people on motorcycles were killed had made national news, so I posted the pic on Face Book to let them know that I was okay. My destination for the day was Gettysburg and I arrived before the sun went down. If you’ve never been there, what you have read about and what you have seen on TV doesn’t do it justice. The battle took place in the country side surrounding the town as well as in the town itself. There are buildings in the town that still have cannon balls stuck into their walls. There are trees growing in the town that were there when the battle took place. They call them Witness Trees. One of the trees had to be cut down and they found a bunch of mini balls imbedded inside the tree. When I arrived I found a motel, checked in and then went looking for somewhere to eat. When I was done with that I took a walking tour of the town and went on a ghost tour. Gettysburg is supposed to be one of the most haunted cities in the US. The tour guide told of people who have drove through the battle field at night and had the ghost of a Confederate soldier appear in the back seat of their car or have seen ghost walking the streets at night. People have reported hearing cannon fire and gunshots out on the battle field at night. After the ghost tour, it was now getting dark, I walked out to the edge of the battle field and sat down leaning against a tree and smoked a cigar. it was eerily quiet and when I looked out into the dark I saw thousands and thousands of fire flies flying about over the battle field. There are still at least five hundred Confederate soldiers buried where the fell out on the battle field. There are no markers, but the National Park service considers them to be at rest. Seeing those fire flies made me think about the souls of those of those brave men buried in shallow graves so far away from home. Finished with my cigar, I headed back to the motel and called it a night.

The next morning I woke up early and went to a museum that had artifacts from the battle on display. They had a theater that showed a short movie showing how the battle progressed. Finished with that I went up to the visitor center and took a bus tour that took us through town and then out on the battle field. It was a double decker bus with an open top. I rode on the top deck. While we headed through town, the bus driver pointed out things of interest that pertained to the battle and then he headed out onto the battle field itself. He stopped at the various monuments and talked about what happened there. When he stopped at Little Round Top, he let us take a short break and walk up the trail to the top of Little Round Top. During the battle the Union troops occupied Little Round Top. The Confederate lines were in the trees across a field over a mile and a half away. They had to charge across a mile and a half of open ground while under cannon fire as well as gunfire from the Union troops on Little Round Top. They were decimated. This was the site of Pickett’s famous charge. As I stood there looking across that open ground I was in a somber mood, thinking about the terror and brutality those soldiers must have felt, as they tried in vain to take the high ground. When the bus tour was over, I bought a couple of tee shirts at the visitor center, then climbed onto the bike and rolled out leaving Gettysburg behind. The next time I have a chance to go there I plan to stay for a couple of days. I’d like to ride my motorcycle down into the battle field at night. Leaving Gettysburg behind, I was New Mexico bound.

(Keep your eyes out for My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure part five the ride home-New Mexico.)

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My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure part III New Hampshire.

The next morning Jess and I went out for breakfast and then took the Rocket Three over to the Triumph dealership in Concord New Hampshire. I had delivered the toy chopper to my grandson, so that mission was accomplished. I don’t remember if it was that night, or the next evening when I called the dealership and they said that the bike was fixed. They said that my rectifier was bad. Jess’ old man drove me over there, I picked up the bike and followed him to a restaurant and we had something to eat. My grandson Aben went with us. Jess’s two sisters, flew out from California along with one her sisters two kids and old man, so we had a full house. I had planned to go to Laconia Bike week, but after the trouble I had with the bike, I didn’t feel like riding over there, plus I was tired from the long ride. I was having a good time hanging out with my grandsons and grand daughter plus, plus meeting Jess and Nate’s friends. Nate was Jess’ old man. I went with Nate over to one of his friend’s house and we played darts and drank beer. They had friends over and we had a good time. They were cool people. One morning we took a drive over to Maine, went to the beach, went to see a light house and we had lunch at a sea food restaurant. We took a drive down the coast a ways and saw some pretty scenery, plus we saw a turtle crossing the road. It was rainy that day, but I had a good time anyway. One of the reasons I wanted to go to Maine was that I had never seen the Atlantic ocean. In the picture of me below, I am standing on the beach because I wanted to put my foot prints in the sand of the beach on the Atlantic, even though the tide would wash them away I didn’t care. When the day came for me to leave, Jess had Aubrey, my grand daughter make me a sack lunch she wrote me a little note, which I have thumb tacked to my bedroom wall above my computer that said, “Be safe. Have a great ride home! I hope you liked my lunch I made 4 you. Sorry if the sandwich is soggy. Love Aubrey.” She put little hearts on the top and the sides of the note. After saying my good byes, I rolled out heading west on a two lane highway toward Vermont. The road snaked its way through the forest, went by a lake and a river. It was a beautiful ride, but I only made thirty-four miles and the bike quit on me again. There I was stuck on the side of the road once more out in the middle of nowhere. I called the Triumph dealership back in Concord and they sent a tow truck out. When the tow truck driver finally came, I helped him load up the bike and he took me and the bike back to the Triumph dealership. After I delivered the bike to the service area, I went to their waiting room and called Jess. She was busy doing something that day, and right now I don’t remember what it was. She might have been at work, so I sat there in the waiting room for the next couple of hours waiting and eating the lunch that Aubrey made me. Jess finally came and took me back to her house. I called the Triumph Dealership the next morning and they said the bike was fixed. They said that they didn’t get the plug on the rectifier plugged in all the way, so that caused the battery not to charge. Jess took me over there and while I was there, I bought an extra battery to put in my saddle bag for the ride home, just incase. Because of my third breakdown, I staid a few extra days than I was planning to. I went to my grandson Shane’s graduation from eighth grade, and hung out for a couple more days. The night before I was going to leave we had a barbeque at Jess’ house, drank beer and partied with their friends. It was a good time. While I was there sitting on the couch, I went onto Face Book and saw a post about a woman who is part of our motorcycle club. She had rode out from Oregon to the national rally in Alabama and on her way home, she was going through Las Vegas Nevada and crashed. I sent a text to our chapter president asking about what happened. He said that a car slammed on his brakes in front of her and she hit it. She broke her leg and had some other injuries and was in the hospital. This was not something I wanted to hear, especially since I was heading home in the morning and had over three thousand miles to ride, and then in the morning I woke up and checked the news and learned that a guy driving under the influence who was driving under a suspended license crossed the double yellow line, and killed seven people on motorcycles in Northern New Hampshire. This was some very bad MOJO. The night before I find out that my sister in the club crashed and now seven motorcycle riders in the northern part of the state were killed by some reckless driver, but I still had to go home so I figured that the only thing I could do was ride as safe as I possibly could.

(Keep your eye out for part IV of my 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure: The ride home.)

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My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure Part II

When you ride a motorcycle all day for several days in a row, you get tired. I was drinking five hour energy drinks all the way across the country. In the morning after a good breakfast, I would feel great, but after about fifty miles down the road I would feel exhausted. The tiredness from the days on the road accumulate, so when I pulled in the the clubhouse where they held the rally in Alabama, I was ready to relax and party. Thursday night we partied at the clubhouse and had a great time. Friday morning we went on a short ride for lunch and ate at a restaurant that was a combination micro brewery and restaurant. After that we went to a park where there was a scenic area where you could stand at the railing and look at a majestic looking water falls that flowed down into a canyon. The scenery was green and pretty. Is was much different than the high desert of Southern California where I am from. It surprised me how many of these big burly bikers, and their wives who were following my post on Face Book that wanted to get their picture taken with me and the toy chopper. Some of them I knew before hand and some of them I was just meeting. After we finished at the park we headed back to the clubhouse and partied. And believe me, the Alabama brothers and their old ladies know how to let their hair down and party. I was having a good time feeling now pain when I turned in that night.

The next morning, it rained and it rained hard. If you’ve ever been to northern Alabama, you know what I am talking about. I learned a valuable lesson. Do not, and I repeat, do not leave your helmet hanging over the mirror on your motorcycle by the strap with the inside facing up. Our ride that morning was delayed by the rain, but it let up a little and we were about to head out. I went our to get on my bike and my helmet was full of water. I emptied the water out of my helmet, took it back into the clubhouse to dry and rode with someone in a cage. Our club has a few chapters in northern Alabama so we spent the day visiting other chapter clubhouses and hand a great time. That night we had the big party and we partied hard. I had a great time and it got pretty wild. Sunday morning everyone started for home. Shaggy and Burnout started west for California and I headed north. Some of the brothers from Alabama rode with me part way and we stopped at a park that had a scenic view point that over looked the Tennessee river. We took some pictures, shot the shit for a while and then said our final good-byes. I headed north and they head back to the clubhouse. For the first part of my trip that day the weather was good. I rode through Chattanooga Tennessee passing through a portion of Georgia then hit Interstate 40 east and then took the 81 north and headed up into Virginia. The rain started up an hindered my progress so I found a motel and spent a night in Virginia. The next morning I headed north once more. In northern Virginia. I stopped in Staunton Virginia for a while and stopped on Donaghe street and took my picture under street street sign bearing by last name. At one point I saw a dark cloud ahead of me and got slammed by rain. It was coming down in buckets. I pulled off the interstate looking for somewhere to get out of the rain and the only place I could find was a hospital. I parked the bike in their parking lot and stood under an awning and watched the rain come down. The storm passed and I headed north once more passing through a portion of West Virginia and then crossed the border into Maryland. For the most part, the weather was good that day. I headed up through Pennsylvania. The roads in Pennsylvania were full of potholes. I had just crossed the border into New York, when the engine on my Triumph Rocket three shut off.

I pulled over to the side of the interstate on the shoulder and turned the ignition off then tried to restart the motor, but the battery was dead. There I was standing on the side of the interstate calling my insurance company to get a tow. They told me that they would call me back. They did and said that the soonest that they could get a tow truck out to pick me and the bike up would be in about four hours. I was on the phone with them when the state police showed up. First it was a woman by herself. I was on the phone with the insurance when she pulled up. I hung up my phone so I could deal with her. They wanted me off the interstate. A short time later another New York State Police car showed up. This one was a man. I told him what my insurance agent had said and he told me that he could have a tow truck there in twenty minutes, so I told him to call them. The woman left and the male state trooper stayed until the tow truck showed up. When the tow truck arrived the State Trooper left. The bed of the flat bed tow truck was covered in oil so we had to be careful pushing my bike onto the bed. The nearest Triumph dealership was in Syracuse New York, about fifty miles north of where I intended to head east. We arrived at the Triumph dealership about a half hour before closing time. They took a quick look at my bike and told me that my battery was toast so I bought a new one. They installed it and said everything checked out fine, so found a motel and checked in. I knew that Syracuse must be close to the Canadian border because the flag pole out front flew both the American flag and the Canadian flag. While I was there I met some people from Canada. One was riding a Can-AM Spider another guy was riding a Triumph and a couple of people were riding Harley’s. I went out side to smoke and found a set of keys on a table. I turned them into the front desk. Later I found out that it belonged to the guy riding the Spider. He was very happy to get them back. I went out for dinner, bought some munchies and beer for the room and then settled in for the night, and of course I took a picture of me and the chopper.

The next morning when I woke up it was raining. After I ate at the motel’s Continental breakfast, I packed up my gear and checked out. When I left the motel it was just drizzling a little bit. I took an alternate route, headed south for a bit and then caught a turnpike heading east. I had no sooner got onto the turnpike when the rain started coming down hard. It was raining so hard that I didn’t feel safe to be on two wheels. There were no underpasses or bridges to get out of the weather so I took the first exit I could find and pulled into a McDonald’s restaurant. I stepped into the McDonald’s, soaking wet, dripping water and feeling like a drowned rat. Sitting at a couple of tables was a group of old men. The youngest must have been in his seventies. They looked like the regular McDonald’s crew. One of them looked up at me and said, “Buy yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair.” So I did. I sat there talking with these old guys for about forty five minutes drinking coffee and listening to their stories. I told them about my trip which they thought was cool and they told me stories about what was happening in their lives. Finally the rain stopped, we said our good-byes and I got back on the turnpike heading east. The rain started up again so I pulled under a bridge to get out of it. While I was sitting there under a bridge I took out my cell phone and checked my Doppler Radar App. There was a big storm, but it was moving away from me. I spent most of the morning riding until I hit rain, then waiting for the storm to move on and then riding until I caught up to it again. I stopped at one rest stop and this guy walking toward me asked, “Did you get caught up in that big traffic tie up?”

I said, “No.” He told me that an eighteen wheeler crossed over into the east bound lanes and tipped over. He said that the driver was okay though and no one else got hurt. I guess I had just missed it. As I continued on, the rain stopped but I still had my rain gear on. I was just about to cross into the state of Massachusetts when the gages on the bike started to act up so I pulled off the interstate. I was no longer on a toll rode. On my side of the interstate, was an old abandoned gas station so I pulled in, turned off the bike had a smoke and a butt break then I tried to start the motor, but it wouldn’t start. My brand new battery was dead. Back on the cell phone, I called my roadside assistance and they said that they would call around to see if they could find a tow truck to come get me. They called me back and said that no one wanted to look at the bike. He said that all the shops were swamped with people servicing their bikes for the riding season and the nearest Triumph dealership that would take a look at my bike was down in New York City in Manhattan. That was at least a hundred miles south of where I was going and in the wrong direction. When I had talked to my daughter Jess, after my first break down, she said that if I broke down again, to call her and they would come pick me up and put my bike in the back of her old man’s truck, but they were one hundred and ninety four miles away, so it would be a while for them to get to me. I called her and told her about my second break down and asked if her offer was still on the table. She said it was and that they would come get me. After talking with my daughter, I looked around me taking in my surroundings. Someone had left an old Lazy Boy chair in a grassy area beside the abandoned gas station. I still had my rain gear on and I wouldn’t get my butt wet, so I sat down to wait. I tried to stay positive and not let things get me down. I walked across the bridge over the interstate to a truck stop and gas station that was open and bought some munchies and something to drink and then went back to where I had left my bike and spent the next two or three hours waiting around sitting in my Lazy Boy. Finally, Jess and her old man along with two of my grand kids showed up. We loaded my bike up into the pickup and tied it down. Climbing into the back seat, we hit the interstate heading east. My plan had been to head to Boston and take the 95 north up to New Hampshire, but I was leery of the big city traffic around Boston. Jess’s old man took a different route. I think he took Interstate 91 north off of the Massachusetts turnpike, headed up into Vermont and then took a two lane highway east and crossed into New Hampshire. I figured to take the same route on the way home. We finally arrived at Jess’ place late that night. I was tired and ready for bed, but I had reached my destination. Even if I rode the last one hundred and ninety four miles in the back seat of a truck. (Coming in a couple of days My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure Part III new Hampshire.)

The McDonald’s Crew

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My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure.

Hello. My name is David Donaghe and I write short stories and novels. I also ride motorcycles, and practice martial arts, as well as shoot guns, drink Jack Daniels whiskey and other things, but I won’t go into all of that. I am a member of a family oriented motorcycle club. We have chapters in various states across the country as well as a couple in Europe. Other than partying like bikers, our chapter supports our local veteran’s home as well as Toys for Tots and well also help the police and fire department deliver toys to the children of Barstow CA at Christmas. In 2019 our National Rally was held in Alabama. That year, no one but me was planning to ride out. Everyone else had to fly because of work and time restraints, but two members of another chapter, Shaggy and Burn Out (Their Road Names) from a Southern CA chapter were riding so the plan was for them to meet me in Barstow on June 1st. Earlier in the year, my daughter Jess and my Grandson from Salisbury NH flew out to CA and came to visit me. While the were here in CA she bought my grandson, Aben a little toy chopper, but when she left, Aben left in out back by my pool. Aben was about four years old at the time. I called Jess after she made it back home and asked her if she wanted me to mail it back to her, but she said no for me to just bring it with me when I came. My plan was after the National Rally to head up to new Hampshire, so I said okay I’ll do that.

So when June 1st rolled around, before I left home, I took a picture of the toy chopper sitting on my motorcycle and I planned to document its trip across the country posting pictures of it on Face Book. I met Shaggy and Burn Out at Los Domingos restaurant in Barstow CA. If you are ever traveling through Barstow and you like Mexican food, check out Los Domingos. They are the bomb. After we ate breakfast, we headed out on the I 40.and stopped at Ludlow CA to cool down. The temperature on the high desert of Southern California can be brutal. After a short break we rolled on heading east, crossed the Colorado river and entered the state of Arizona. After getting gas, we stopped at Flagstaff for Lunch and then rolled on stopping at Gallup New Mexico for the night and headed out the next morning. The weather continued to be good, all though it was a little windy crossing the pan handle of Texas, and rolled on through to Clinton Oklahoma. So father the scenery was mainly brown desert, but once we entered Oklahoma things started to green up. We spent the night in Clinton and in the morning, while I was waiting for Shaggy and Burn Out to get their gear ready, I was outside smoking a cigar and I stuck up a conversation with a young man who was in the Navy reserves. Come to find out, he lived in Victorville California, thirty five miles south of Bartow. At each stop along the way I took pictures of me and the chopper and posted them on Face Book. So after packing our gear and eating at the motel’s continental we headed east. It had rained during the night, but it wasn’t raining when we left the motel. That soon changed.

When we crossed over into the state of Arkansas, we got hit so hard by rain that it wasn’t safe to be on the interstate on two wheels. We took an off ramp, headed down a frontage road and pulled into a little Baptist church, pulled our motorcycles up onto the front porch under their cover awning and waited out the storm. We spent a good forty five minutes shooting the shit under the awning, while I was smoking cigars and watched it rain. I used this incident in one of my novels later, but I embellished it a little bit. After it quit raining we headed east once more and spent the night near Little Rock Arkansas. That night we had dinner in a barbeque place across the road from the motel and the food was delicious. The following morning we headed east once more. When we got close to Mississippi river, we could see where the interstate had recently flooded. Water had reached the interstate and for a while traffic was at a stand still while they offloaded a truck that had been damaged by the flood. One we were clear of the traffic tie up, we rolled on, crossed the Mississippi river and entered Memphis Tennessee. We continued on and spent the night at a motel just west of Nashville. That night we called Uber and took a ride into down town Nashville and partied on Broadway. If you like live music and you like to drink, you’ll love Broadway in Nashville. The street is nothing but bars, the buildings are three stories tall and their is a bar on each floor playing live music. There is usually people playing music on the sidewalks as well. That night the Country Music award show was in town and they were having big name concerts. The place was packed. We hit the bars, Shaggy got toasted and Burn Out and I had to baby sit him. We were sitting in one bar up by the front where the band was playing when three young women in their early twenties came in. One of them brushed up against me, laid her hand on my shoulder and said, “Hey old man. Show me your moves.” They tried to drag me out on the dance floor, but I refused. I was sixty-two at the time and I was old enough to be these young women’s grandad. I thought about saying yes, but I am a married man. All I needed was for someone to post it on Face Book and I might find the locks changed on the front door when I got home, or maybe get shot lol. We had a great time and all three of us were feeling no pain when we caught the Uber back to our motel that night. The next morning we headed east, took highway twenty four in Nashville and then rolled down toward Alabama. It rained off and on, we pulled into a rest stop and put on our rain gear and pulled into Section Alabama close to noon. I was excited and looking to have a good time with my club brothers at the national rally for the next four days.

(This is becoming a long post so I am going to break it up into a few parts. I will post My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure part two in a few days.)

This is me.

Me and the Chopper.



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Are you looking forward to the New Year?

Are you looking forward to the new year? I know I am. 2020 had its issues, but maybe 2021 will be better. I am also looking forward to my two new novels coming out at the end of January. Blood Bond, book three in the Mike McDonald Action Adventure Saga and Door Number Two book four in the same series. They are both on presale at a discounted rate. I am almost finished with the first draft of the galactic War book five of my series known as the Space Corps Chronicles, and I am working on the second chapter of my new Western novel, The Mojave Kid. I would like to have some people review my books, so if you are interested let me know and I will send you a coupon code so you can download one for free from Also sign up for my email list. Click on the links below to check out my books. They were fun to write and I think that you will enjoy reading them. In June I am planning on going on a motorcycle trip with my club brothers from Barstow California to Alabama. From there I will ride up to New Hampshire to see my daughter and grandkids. As usual it will be a grand adventure and when I get back I will tell you about it. I hope you are having a great new Year. Stay safe.

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