My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure part VI Homeward Bound.

When I left my Nephew’s house in Silver City new Mexico, he rode with me for a ways. We headed up highway 180 which would take me up into the mountains. I wanted to go that way, rather than heading west on the I 10 to avoid the summer heat. He rode with me for about ten or fifteen miles, then we pulled off onto a side road lined with trees and parked the motorcycles. He smoked a cigarette and I smoke a cigar. We shot the shit for a while then said our good-byes. He headed home and I headed north on the 180. The 180 took me through some scenic areas, the weather was good, except for a little bit of rain. I stopped at a sporting goods store that my nephew told me about and looked at their wide selection of guns and other manly things and then had lunch. The only memorable thing that happened was when a woman in a truck turned left in front of me. Luckily I wasn’t going too fast, so I avoided a collision. It got my heart rate going and I did say a few cuss words but that was the extent of it. I descended the mountains and headed across some rolling hills and grass land. By this time it was starting to get hot again. It seemed like I could see forever. The scenery was good and I was enjoying the ride. I passed by the Petrified Forest and then cut over to Holbrook Arizona. By this time it was blazing hot, so I pulled into a Derry Queen, had a burger and a milkshake and then hit the I 40 freeway and headed west. I wasn’t in a big hurry to get home so I stopped in Flagstaff, pulled off onto the old route 66 and rented a hotel room for the night

I had dinner in the hotel restaurant and the food was good After that I went up to my room, put on my Tucumcari bathing suit and went down to the hotel’s in door pool and hot tub. When I got down there I went into the pool for a dip. There was a family there with their kids. After taking a dip in the pool, I went over to the spa and sat down in the hot bubbling water. Across from me in the hot tub sat a young pretty collage aged woman, and believe me she knew how to fill out a bathing suit. We had a pleasant conversation. She told me that her name was Sam and that she and her boyfriend were on vacation and that she lived in Kansas. She said that they were going up to see Brice Canyon in Utah. I told her about my trip and carrying the chopper across the country to deliver to my Grand Son. She thought that was cool. I enjoyed our conversation but she decided to call it quits and headed up to her room. I stayed in the hot tub for a little while longer and then called it a night. Later, after I was home from my trip I used this incident in one of my novels, only the main character took things a little further that what we did.

The next morning after breakfast, I loaded up the bike. The young woman from the hot tub came out of her room to put some stuff in her car. She smiled and told me to be safe and I bid her farewell. I never did see the boyfriend. I got back on the I 40 heading west. The wind was blowing hard and I fought the wind all way home. After coming down the mountain I crossed the Colorado River and entered the state of California. Now I had to deal with the heat as well as the wind, but I was getting close to home. I stopped in Ludlow to take one final break and cool down. I only had fifty miles to go. From Ludlow to Barstow, the wind was brutal but I arrived safely. I was running on fumes when I hit town, so I filled up the tank and then headed home. I pulled into my driveway about five minutes later. I had been on the road for a moth to the day and had put almost seven thousand miles on the bike. I went into the house to greet my wife and dogs and it felt good to be home. It was a rough trip, but I enjoyed it. I saw things and did things that I would remember forever. Some might ask if I would do it again? the answer is yes. In fact I plan to go on another cross country trip again in June. I am heading back to Alabama, but this time when I leave Alabama I might cut over to Florida, head up through Georgia, South and North Carolina on my way up to New Hampshire to see my daughter and grandkids. I will probably stop at Gettysburg again on the way home. Maybe I’ll write about that trip as well. I hope you liked my tale. Feel free to leave a comment or ask a question. If you’d like to check out my books click on one of the links below. Sign up for my news letter or shoot me an email. Until the next time keep the rubber on the road and the shinny side up.

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About David Donaghe (Author of Thunder Road)

Hi. I work and live in the high desert of Southern California with my wife and family. I have three passions in life:reading, writing and riding my motorcycle. I have a short story collection, Monroe's Paranormal Investigations on sale now at and on the Barns and Noble webpage. My novel, The Tale spinner is coming out soon, published by Otherworld Publications.
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