My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure part III New Hampshire.

The next morning Jess and I went out for breakfast and then took the Rocket Three over to the Triumph dealership in Concord New Hampshire. I had delivered the toy chopper to my grandson, so that mission was accomplished. I don’t remember if it was that night, or the next evening when I called the dealership and they said that the bike was fixed. They said that my rectifier was bad. Jess’ old man drove me over there, I picked up the bike and followed him to a restaurant and we had something to eat. My grandson Aben went with us. Jess’s two sisters, flew out from California along with one her sisters two kids and old man, so we had a full house. I had planned to go to Laconia Bike week, but after the trouble I had with the bike, I didn’t feel like riding over there, plus I was tired from the long ride. I was having a good time hanging out with my grandsons and grand daughter plus, plus meeting Jess and Nate’s friends. Nate was Jess’ old man. I went with Nate over to one of his friend’s house and we played darts and drank beer. They had friends over and we had a good time. They were cool people. One morning we took a drive over to Maine, went to the beach, went to see a light house and we had lunch at a sea food restaurant. We took a drive down the coast a ways and saw some pretty scenery, plus we saw a turtle crossing the road. It was rainy that day, but I had a good time anyway. One of the reasons I wanted to go to Maine was that I had never seen the Atlantic ocean. In the picture of me below, I am standing on the beach because I wanted to put my foot prints in the sand of the beach on the Atlantic, even though the tide would wash them away I didn’t care. When the day came for me to leave, Jess had Aubrey, my grand daughter make me a sack lunch she wrote me a little note, which I have thumb tacked to my bedroom wall above my computer that said, “Be safe. Have a great ride home! I hope you liked my lunch I made 4 you. Sorry if the sandwich is soggy. Love Aubrey.” She put little hearts on the top and the sides of the note. After saying my good byes, I rolled out heading west on a two lane highway toward Vermont. The road snaked its way through the forest, went by a lake and a river. It was a beautiful ride, but I only made thirty-four miles and the bike quit on me again. There I was stuck on the side of the road once more out in the middle of nowhere. I called the Triumph dealership back in Concord and they sent a tow truck out. When the tow truck driver finally came, I helped him load up the bike and he took me and the bike back to the Triumph dealership. After I delivered the bike to the service area, I went to their waiting room and called Jess. She was busy doing something that day, and right now I don’t remember what it was. She might have been at work, so I sat there in the waiting room for the next couple of hours waiting and eating the lunch that Aubrey made me. Jess finally came and took me back to her house. I called the Triumph Dealership the next morning and they said the bike was fixed. They said that they didn’t get the plug on the rectifier plugged in all the way, so that caused the battery not to charge. Jess took me over there and while I was there, I bought an extra battery to put in my saddle bag for the ride home, just incase. Because of my third breakdown, I staid a few extra days than I was planning to. I went to my grandson Shane’s graduation from eighth grade, and hung out for a couple more days. The night before I was going to leave we had a barbeque at Jess’ house, drank beer and partied with their friends. It was a good time. While I was there sitting on the couch, I went onto Face Book and saw a post about a woman who is part of our motorcycle club. She had rode out from Oregon to the national rally in Alabama and on her way home, she was going through Las Vegas Nevada and crashed. I sent a text to our chapter president asking about what happened. He said that a car slammed on his brakes in front of her and she hit it. She broke her leg and had some other injuries and was in the hospital. This was not something I wanted to hear, especially since I was heading home in the morning and had over three thousand miles to ride, and then in the morning I woke up and checked the news and learned that a guy driving under the influence who was driving under a suspended license crossed the double yellow line, and killed seven people on motorcycles in Northern New Hampshire. This was some very bad MOJO. The night before I find out that my sister in the club crashed and now seven motorcycle riders in the northern part of the state were killed by some reckless driver, but I still had to go home so I figured that the only thing I could do was ride as safe as I possibly could.

(Keep your eye out for part IV of my 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure: The ride home.)

Pictures I took in New Hampshire and Maine

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