My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure.

Hello. My name is David Donaghe and I write short stories and novels. I also ride motorcycles, and practice martial arts, as well as shoot guns, drink Jack Daniels whiskey and other things, but I won’t go into all of that. I am a member of a family oriented motorcycle club. We have chapters in various states across the country as well as a couple in Europe. Other than partying like bikers, our chapter supports our local veteran’s home as well as Toys for Tots and well also help the police and fire department deliver toys to the children of Barstow CA at Christmas. In 2019 our National Rally was held in Alabama. That year, no one but me was planning to ride out. Everyone else had to fly because of work and time restraints, but two members of another chapter, Shaggy and Burn Out (Their Road Names) from a Southern CA chapter were riding so the plan was for them to meet me in Barstow on June 1st. Earlier in the year, my daughter Jess and my Grandson from Salisbury NH flew out to CA and came to visit me. While the were here in CA she bought my grandson, Aben a little toy chopper, but when she left, Aben left in out back by my pool. Aben was about four years old at the time. I called Jess after she made it back home and asked her if she wanted me to mail it back to her, but she said no for me to just bring it with me when I came. My plan was after the National Rally to head up to new Hampshire, so I said okay I’ll do that.

So when June 1st rolled around, before I left home, I took a picture of the toy chopper sitting on my motorcycle and I planned to document its trip across the country posting pictures of it on Face Book. I met Shaggy and Burn Out at Los Domingos restaurant in Barstow CA. If you are ever traveling through Barstow and you like Mexican food, check out Los Domingos. They are the bomb. After we ate breakfast, we headed out on the I 40.and stopped at Ludlow CA to cool down. The temperature on the high desert of Southern California can be brutal. After a short break we rolled on heading east, crossed the Colorado river and entered the state of Arizona. After getting gas, we stopped at Flagstaff for Lunch and then rolled on stopping at Gallup New Mexico for the night and headed out the next morning. The weather continued to be good, all though it was a little windy crossing the pan handle of Texas, and rolled on through to Clinton Oklahoma. So father the scenery was mainly brown desert, but once we entered Oklahoma things started to green up. We spent the night in Clinton and in the morning, while I was waiting for Shaggy and Burn Out to get their gear ready, I was outside smoking a cigar and I stuck up a conversation with a young man who was in the Navy reserves. Come to find out, he lived in Victorville California, thirty five miles south of Bartow. At each stop along the way I took pictures of me and the chopper and posted them on Face Book. So after packing our gear and eating at the motel’s continental we headed east. It had rained during the night, but it wasn’t raining when we left the motel. That soon changed.

When we crossed over into the state of Arkansas, we got hit so hard by rain that it wasn’t safe to be on the interstate on two wheels. We took an off ramp, headed down a frontage road and pulled into a little Baptist church, pulled our motorcycles up onto the front porch under their cover awning and waited out the storm. We spent a good forty five minutes shooting the shit under the awning, while I was smoking cigars and watched it rain. I used this incident in one of my novels later, but I embellished it a little bit. After it quit raining we headed east once more and spent the night near Little Rock Arkansas. That night we had dinner in a barbeque place across the road from the motel and the food was delicious. The following morning we headed east once more. When we got close to Mississippi river, we could see where the interstate had recently flooded. Water had reached the interstate and for a while traffic was at a stand still while they offloaded a truck that had been damaged by the flood. One we were clear of the traffic tie up, we rolled on, crossed the Mississippi river and entered Memphis Tennessee. We continued on and spent the night at a motel just west of Nashville. That night we called Uber and took a ride into down town Nashville and partied on Broadway. If you like live music and you like to drink, you’ll love Broadway in Nashville. The street is nothing but bars, the buildings are three stories tall and their is a bar on each floor playing live music. There is usually people playing music on the sidewalks as well. That night the Country Music award show was in town and they were having big name concerts. The place was packed. We hit the bars, Shaggy got toasted and Burn Out and I had to baby sit him. We were sitting in one bar up by the front where the band was playing when three young women in their early twenties came in. One of them brushed up against me, laid her hand on my shoulder and said, “Hey old man. Show me your moves.” They tried to drag me out on the dance floor, but I refused. I was sixty-two at the time and I was old enough to be these young women’s grandad. I thought about saying yes, but I am a married man. All I needed was for someone to post it on Face Book and I might find the locks changed on the front door when I got home, or maybe get shot lol. We had a great time and all three of us were feeling no pain when we caught the Uber back to our motel that night. The next morning we headed east, took highway twenty four in Nashville and then rolled down toward Alabama. It rained off and on, we pulled into a rest stop and put on our rain gear and pulled into Section Alabama close to noon. I was excited and looking to have a good time with my club brothers at the national rally for the next four days.

(This is becoming a long post so I am going to break it up into a few parts. I will post My 2019 Grand Motorcycle Adventure part two in a few days.)

This is me.

Me and the Chopper.



About David Donaghe (Author of Thunder Road)

Hi. I work and live in the high desert of Southern California with my wife and family. I have three passions in life:reading, writing and riding my motorcycle. I have a short story collection, Monroe's Paranormal Investigations on sale now at and on the Barns and Noble webpage. My novel, The Tale spinner is coming out soon, published by Otherworld Publications.
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