Who wants to go to Mars?

We live in interesting times. What was once science fiction is now becoming science fact. A headline of the  Business Insider states, “Elon Musk says he plans to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050 by launching 3 Starship rockets every day and creating ‘a lot of jobs on the red planet.'” Another headline from Fox News states, “Another fast radio burst in deep space that repeats has been found and scientist are stunned.” Scientist believe that some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn could hold life. Can you imagine a future where we have colonies through out the solar system? I can.

At the same time there are things happening today that are not so exciting, such as the erosion of our freedom and the move toward a one world government. With the COVID 19 BS they started out by limiting our freedom of assembly and our freedom of religion. As time progresses how much more of our freedom will we lose? Now can you imagine a future where the entire solar system is ruled by a totalitarian government? I can. That’s why I wrote the Space Corps Chronicles.

Book one, the Battle for Europa is a tale of revolution in the twenty fourth Century. Earth and colonies in the solar system are ruled by The Council of Economic Unions on Earth. The council rules with an iron fist. When Shawn Gallagher, an ice miner on Europa launches a miner’s strike, it is a ruse for rebellion. The ice on the surface of Europa will turn red with blood in the Battle for Europa.

In book Two, the battle for Mars, the miners on Mars form a trade union and call a planet wide strike, the Council of Economic Unions on Earth order the federal forces on Mars to take a firm hand, but when the federal Marines execute the union leadership live on the vid stream, Eddie Falcon, leader of the so called terrorist organization known as The People’s Fist calls for all out war on Mars.

In book three, the Battle for Planet Earth, Eddie Falcon, leader of the People’s Fist, a resistance organisation launches planet wide protest patterned after the Occupy Los Angeles movement of the twentieth Century. When the federal forces of the CEU use deadly force against civilians Eddie Falcon wages all out war across the planet. With the help of their brothers from the New Republic on Europa and the People’s Republic of Mars, Falcon hopes to win their final battle, the Battle for Planet Earth, not knowing that an even larger threat is looming, threatening to draw Earth into a galactic war.

During our American revolution they say only three percent of the population took up arms against the British occupation. There will always be that small majority who will stand up and fight for their freedom, and that is what the Space Corps Chronicles is all about. You can get the first book, The Battle for Europa free at smashwords.com and Amazon will price match it. Keep a look out for book four in the Space Corps Chronicles, The Galactic War.

The Battle for Europa

The Battle For Mars

The Battle for Planet Earth

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About David Donaghe (Author of Thunder Road)

Hi. I work and live in the high desert of Southern California with my wife and family. I have three passions in life:reading, writing and riding my motorcycle. I have a short story collection, Monroe's Paranormal Investigations on sale now at Amazon.com and on the Barns and Noble webpage. My novel, The Tale spinner is coming out soon, published by Otherworld Publications.
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