Space X Science Fiction to Science Fact

Space X-Science Fiction to Science Fact


Today we are on the cutting edge of the space age. What used to be science fiction is now becoming science fact as private industry heads to outer space. Space X corporation has now developed the Dragon X rocket which it uses to launch a reusable supply capsule into orbit which docks with the International Space Station to resupply our astronauts.

There are also two new corporations that will soon launch probes to the asteroid belt looking for asteroids to mine. There is a new company based out of Mojave California who will take tourist into orbit and I have also heard of hotel chains that are planning orbiting hotels where you will soon be able to visit. Just imagine, taking your vacation in space. It makes you wonder what the world will be like in fifty or one hundred years. Will we have a base on the moon, or will we send astronauts to Mars? With new technologies come new problems. What will we face in one hundred years? How about two hundred years? Will we still be a free nation?

When you combine this with the current trends in globalism, it starts to get scary. Today we have the European Union where they have combined several nations’ currencies, and taking away national sovereignty. You have free trade agreements and we’ve all heard the term, The New World Order. What if we had colonies on the moon, on Mars and on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter? What if one government ruled all this as well as Earth? The leader would be a very powerful man. Would he be a benevolent ruler, or an evil tyrant? When you take people’s freedom away and make their lives miserable, eventually they fight back. When the terrorist attacked on 9-11 our brave young men and women stepped up to the plate. Right now our brave young men and women in the military are fighting for freedom in Afghanistan, and we just finished a war in Iraqi. Whenever tyrants raise their heads, freedom loving people will be there to chop it off.

My new novel, The Battle for Europa explores this scenario. The Battle for Europa is a tale of revolution in the twenty third Century. Earth and the colonies in the solar system are ruled by The Council of Economic Unions on Earth. The council rules with an iron fist. When Shawn Gallagher, an ice miner on Europa launches a miner’s strike, it is a ruse for rebellion. The ice on the surface of Europa will turn red with blood in The Battle for Europa.

When Shawn, second shift lead man at mining site A on Europa launches his bid for independence, little does he know that it will pit him against his little brother David. A Fleet Marine in the Federal Defense Forces. When Cyrus Bonelli, President of the Council of Economic Unions on Earth, hears of the rebellion on Europa he sends the federal main battle fleet to stop the rebellion. With rebels on Mars wrecking havoc, and the new deep space fleet heading out of the solar system to explore the galaxy, this rebellion on Europa couldn’t have come at a worse time, but Cyrus has little choice. The federal fleet needs the Helium-3 and the colonies on Earth’s moon as well as the colonies on Mars need the water ice that they mine on Europa, so Cyrus launches an attack, later known as The Battle for Europa.


The battle for Europa is the first book in a new series known as The Space Corps Chronicles Book, two, the battle for Mars should be out shortly. I envision at least seven or eight books in this series. Click on the links below to order your copy of The Battle for Europa. Also while you’re at it I have some free eBooks you can down load at and Smashwords. They are the first stories in the Cave Man Action Adventure series. You can read the entire series in Tales From The Lost Highway. If you like paranormal stories with a biker twist, you’ll love this book.

I’ll probably never set my foot on Mars or go to outer space, but I can write about it and what it might be like as I explore the galaxy in The Space Corps Chronicles. Feel free to send me an email at or leave a comment and sign up for my blog. Until next time, I’ll keep doing what I do best: reading, writing and riding my motorcycle.

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